Friday, August 24, 2007

curled by cousins

hey everyone,

yesterday... we went to the american girl doll store, which is only in LA and new york city. it was cool, they had a hair salon for the dolls, a restaurant, and a hospital (they take your doll and give you a new one, but i think it costs the same as getting a new doll. but i guess its supposed to feel like it's the same doll). ella got nicki, the doll of the year. the character likes horses and when ella was choosing, she said, "i want nicki. she likes horses, and i do, too! it's my favorite animal." my mom said, "really?" and ella said, "yeah, my favorite farm animal." everyone has to ask permission before they touch nicki's hair. we found out that they're actually coming out with an asian doll, ivy ling, in november.
we met my great aunt may, great uncle james, and my first cousins (once removed), eric and kevin (my grandma's relatives) for lunch at the cheesecake factory. my aunt and uncle live in houston, so i'd never met them or my cousins before. i had salad and a piece of pizza and a slice of chocolate oreo mudslide cheesecake :) yum... kevin's in business school at wharton and eric is a corporate lawyer in new york. after that, everyone who didn't get cheesecake (which was everyone except me) went to get ice cream at the farmer's market. it was funny because kevin was curling adam and me. although it made me feel kind of sick because of all the cheesecake before that. it was impressive that he could do it cuz i'm 60 lbs. he also carried ella (who's about 35 lbs) and adam (who is 51 lbs even though ella's a little bit older) at the same time. eric asked how heavy ella was and said "no way, i could curl you" and then he started curling her and then he said "you are 35 lbs".
next, we went to the getty center which was so beautiful. the garden in the back had grass that was so green, short and smooth that it literally looked like a green carpet. there were beautiful flowers on the path, a fountain, and a waterfall that flowed down around a bush maze. the getty was up on a hill in west l.a. so you could look down and see the city.
while we were driving, everyone was looking for cell phone towers that were dressed up as trees, palm trees or evergreens. adam spotted a lot of them.
we had dinner with my grandparents, great grandma, great aunts jane and karen, great uncle bobby, my first cousins (once removed) michael, robert and his wife annie and their baby lisa marie (9 mos) (these are my grandpa's relatives). lisa marie was so cute and she had a few teeth on the bottom. we were stuck in traffic on the freeways so we were about an hour late.
we went to fosselman's afterwards and i got some mango ice cream and some watermelon and green apple taffy too.

beatriz atsavapranee

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