Tuesday, August 28, 2007

cover your armpits!

hi everyone,

the bus for pyle usually comes around 7:25 AM which is about one and half hours earlier than my elementary school bus came. i've been having a really hard time waking up so early in the morning. i think i'm losing my beauty sleep so i'll look really bad by the end of the school year.
attention all elementary school kids: wear what you want now because if you go to pyle middle school, you won't be able to wear spaghetti straps (hard to believe!), any skirts or shorts above your fingertips when you put your arms at your side. you can't show your midsection or undergarments (which is understandable). shirts have to cover the top of your shoulders and "come" to the armpit (which i really don't understand). i mean why can't you show your shoulders?? what's so appealing about seeing people's armpits that they should be covered up? i can't wear 3/4 of my clothes now!
on the first day of school, opening my locker was so easy, i got it on the first try every time. today, for 3rd period, we went to gym and got a gym locker as well. i'm not sure if my locker is jammed or if i'm confused from my gym locker, but my locker won't open on the first few tries. our gym uniform is a gigantic gray t-shirt with the pyle panther on it and some really baggy black shorts, which are really long.
my new bus driver skipped my stop and everyone was yelling "you missed that stop, you missed that stop" but he would just say "there's no stop there" and look at the paper with all the bus stops. so we stopped off at the next bus stop which was two blocks away from my house. so i walked back with wyatt who's also at my stop. i really don't understand how that could happen since he picks us up from that bus stop in the morning.

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